For sale by owner

  1. I highly recommend to sell via realtor as we only make dime when we help either side or else every buyer min require 10+ homes to see before taking a final decision..
  2. Realtors make a list of homes to see or show via mls or else who will go to mls and then go to zillow to find?
  3. Buyers who work with realtors, appreciate them for there time and education they provide while running around with them to show homes and so prefer to buy homes thats recommended by Realtor.
  4. Realtors move them away from sale by owner homes, knowing , whats guarantee that buyer won’t go direct to “sale by owner” and if that happens, they will loose all the effort gone to show since long. Some buyers take years to decide..
  5. Read this ebook as it will help you guide how to sell home by Sale by Owner.
  6. 10 top reasons why sale by owner fail

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Realtor Anil Aggarwal have achieved 2019 NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award®

ou’ve achieved the Bronze Level of the 2019 NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award®. You should be very proud of your accomplishment!

Realtor Anil Aggarwal have achieved 2019 NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award®achieved the Bronze Level of the 2019 NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award®. You should be very proud of your accomplishment!


Contact: Anil Aggarwal

Team Leader Vylla Home NJ | 732-877-8585


Local Realtor Anil Aggarwal honored with state sales award


N.J. (Feb 1’st 2020) – Local Realtor, Anil Aggarwal of Iselin Nj, was recently awarded the Bronze award level of the 2019 NJ Realtors Circle of Excellence Sales Award. Annually, New Jersey Realtors recognizes its members who have demonstrated distinction in sales throughout the state.


The NJ Realtors Circle of Excellence Sales Award is considered one of the most prestigious honors awarded to Realtors in New Jersey. It is highly regarded throughout the industry and recognizes members who have excelled in the field of salesmanship. The NJ Realtors Distinguished Sales Club Award recognizes members who have achieved the Circle of Excellence Sales Award for 10 or more years.


Anil Aggarwal >sold 19 units but missed by 1 unit to get recognition as Silver award (which is 20 units min) The 2019 NJ Realtors Circle of Excellence Sales Award level requirements were: Bronze: $2.5 Million and 15 Units Minimum or 30 Units

In addition to earning units for sales and listings volume as well as rental transactions, members also receive unit credits for involvement in the association and the industry.


New Jersey Realtors, the voice of real estate for New Jersey for 100 years, is a non-profit organization serving the professional needs of more than 54,000 Realtor and Realtor-Associate members engaged in all facets of the real estate business. In addition to serving the professional needs of its members, NJ Realtors is dedicated to enhancing the ability of its members to conduct their business successfully while maintaining the preservation of private property rights. Realtor is a registered collective membership mark, which may be used only by real estate professionals who subscribe to the Realtor organization’s strict Code of Ethics and are members of the national, state and local Realtor organizations. For more information, visit


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Anil Aggarwal Ranked as Top Performer Gold Elite Member, in nationwide company sales, as part of the Vylla Elite Performers Club

Anil Aggarwal Ranked as Top Performer Gold Elite Member, in nationwide company sales, as part of the Vylla Elite Performers Club

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An Organizational Update from Vylla Home

An Organizational Update from Vylla Home
Chad Ruggles, who has been leading our Vylla Home sales team as Senior Vice President, will now oversee sales and operations for all of Vylla Home. Chad started his career with Carrington in 2014 on the mortgage side of the business and moved over to Vylla in 2018 where’s he’s helped manage the rebrand and transition from Carrington Real Estate Services to what is today Vylla Home. As part of Vylla, Chad has shared his expertise, strategic direction and motivation to every aspect of the business.

As part of this update, Julie Beamish, Vice President of Operations for Vylla Home, will report to Chad and will continue to lead all aspects of the operational organization. Her role encompasses all of Vylla Home’s back office operations, institutional client business, vendor management, marketing, data and training. Julie has been part of the Carrington and Vylla family since 2007 and lends her deep real estate expertise, precise operational efficiency, and team building talents to Vylla Home.

Additionally, EJ Rogers will take on the role of Director of Sales Optimization and report to Chad Ruggles. EJ is now tasked with setting the strategy for Vylla Home sales optimization initiatives, designing requirements for sales productivity tools and continuously improving revenue-generating processes. He will also identify opportunities to unlock hidden productivity within the organization and drive successful outcomes of strategic efficiency initiatives.

Rounding out Chad’s direct reports are Divisional Finance Officer Keegan Selby, and Regional Vice Presidents of Sales, Ashley Rasmussen and Dustin Hall.

Vylla Home plays an integral role within the family of Carrington Companies and we look forward to continued success.


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Kitchen Deals

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THE ESTATE VISA® PREPAID CARD Property Tax savings programme from South Plainfield

I sold one flip project in #southplainfield ..Please see pictures of project



While going over paper, surprised to see new, unique money saving programme from south plainfield mayor.
Use the card for your everyday spending and simultaneously reduce your property tax! On every dollar you spend, a percentage is earned as a reward paid towards your property tax. The more you spend, the less you owe!1

Private group · 1 member

Join Group


Flip Purchase is open to all, who want to learn, guide, advise or do flips in real estate

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Why it is better to buy a home  instead of renting one!

Why it is better to buy a home  instead of renting one!

Listed here are 3 major reasons why you should consider buying a home…

  1. Cost:
    Buying a home is actually less expensive than renting!  Renting a home for $2,000/mo for 5 years is $2,000/mo x 5 years x 12 months/year = $120,000 But buying a home for the same $2,000/mo for 5 years is less than $120,000!
  2. When you buy a home the government gives you a tax deduction for the mortgage interest that you pay.Lets just assume that your tax deduction equals only $8,000/year. That means you get $8000/mo x 5 years =$40,000.That means you can get $40,000 cash when you buy your home over the next 5 years. So you will pay $120,000 towards housing payments over the next 5 years but if you own a home you will get $40,000 cash back. This means you only spend $80,000 for housing over the same 5 years which is only $1333/month!
  3. Equity:The owner of the home is entitled to the equity in the home. Equity is the difference between how much the house is worth and how much you owe. (If a house is worth $200,000 and you owe $150,000 then the equity is $50,000.) If you are renting then the landlord is the owner and they get to keep the equity in the home.

  4. When you buy a home you have a mortgage payment each month. Generally, each payment has a principle amount, an interest amount, property taxes and hazard insurance. The principle amount of the payment reduces the amount that you owe on the property.
  5. Every time there is a repair on the home, if done correctly, that repair can increase the value of your home because it will be worth more. If you upgrade old windows, replace the shingles on the roof or remodel the kitchen, that will make your home worth more money. When you own a home you have to pay for these repairs. When you rent, the landlord must pay for these repairs but they don’t mind because it makes the home worth more money!
  6. Making regular payments on a home mortgage will increase your credit score. Better credit means better financing for your next home purchase, a refinance of the first home and for a vehicle purchase or any other credit purchases saving you thousands of dollars in interest over the years to come.
  7. With interest rates dropping below 3.5% (30 year fixed rate as of 10/30/19) you could $15000 for every 1% interest you save , in span of 30 years, in loan of $300k. Check here for more details.
  8. Requirements:The qualifications for buying a home are nearly the same qualifications for renting a home. You need to have okay credit, a deposit and a decent job.If you have a credit score of 580 (or better) then you can qualify for a FHA loan. A 580 FICO score is not considered good credit and may even be low enough to prevent you from renting. But it is a good enough credit score to buy a small home. If you have better credit then you can qualify for better interest rates with other types of loans.
  9. The deposit for a house purchase with an FHA loan is 3 % of the purchase price. This amount is nearly the same as first & last months rent and a security deposit. One of the little known bonuses for buying a house is that you essentially get the first month FREE! The reason is because the homes mortgage interest is charged at the end of the month while rent is charged at the beginning of each month.

  10. Having a decent job is essential for qualifying for any type of housing. Generally you need to have been in the same line of work for the previous 2 years to show stability in employment. You also need to be making at least 3-4 times your payment on a monthly basis

Article published by Anil Aggarwal Realtor who sells real estate in New Jersey as Vylla Home Agent.

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How Much Does a 1% Interest Rate Drop Save on a 15-Year or 30 year Fixed Mortgage?

Getting the best possible interest rate on your mortgage can ultimately save you thousands of dollars. Knowing how different interest rates affect your monthly payment can prove an invaluable tool when making a decision, whether you are seeking a new mortgage or refinancing an existing one.

Tip> 1% interest rate drop could save you whopping $60,276.16 in $300000 loan in 30 years . Check your at our calculator

Mortgages and Interest Rates

When you purchase a 15-year fixed-rate or 30 year fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate will stay the same for the entire life of the loan. Your monthly payment is based on the interest rate you negotiate with your lender and is structured to pay off your mortgage by the end of the 15-year period or 30 year period resp. 15 year is typically the shortest fixed-rate period offered by lenders and will allow you to pay off your mortgage faster and pay less interest than with a longer term loan. However, the shorter term means your monthly payment will be higher, so consider whether you can afford it. Also when you take 30 year fixed, you are stretching your dollar which is depreciating in years or what dollar can buy today, will be lot less in 30 years.

So as per calculator,

loan amount in $ Interest % # of years Monthly Payment: Number of Payments: Total Payments: Total Interest: saving
per month saving
300000 4 30 $1,432.25 360 $515,608.52 $215,608.52 0 0
300000 3 30 $1,264.81 360 $455,332.36 $155,332.36 $60,276.16 $167.43
300000 4 15 $2,219.06 180 $399,431.48 $99,431.48 0 0
300000 3 15 $2,071.74 180 $372,914.09 $72,914.09 $26,517.39 $147.32
This table made by Anil Aggarwal using Financial Calculator provided free at his website :

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Home values have more than doubled in the New Jersey since 1970

As per Article in Business Insider

home value increased in new jersey have increased or doubled in New Jersey since 1970.

As per US Census Bureau, which provides a table showing median home values from previous decades in each state and the District of Columbia. We compared the median home value in 1970, adjusted for inflation to 2017 dollars using the Consumer Price Index, to the median home value in 2017, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, and calculated the percentage change.

Note that median means that half of the homes are valued above that number and half below. This data technically covers the past 47 years, but as the US Census Bureau’s table provided information on a decade basis, it’s the closest information available to the past 50 years.

In 1970, the national median home value adjusted for inflation was $107,291; in 2017, it’s $217,600 — that’s a 103% increase. In fact, more than half of all US States (including Washington, DC) have seen a median home value increase of more than 100%.”

In New Jersey Cost of a home in 1970: $147,683 v/s Cost of a home in 2017: $334,900. This means its Percentage change from 1970 to 2017: 127% or price almost more than doubled. 

Imagine if you or your parents renting than what they lost? They lost equity, tax refund, appreciation credit (see example above) , and most important, home.. that yours with your memories.

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Hot Chilies Entertainment Rajni Chatta and Vylla Home Anil Aggarwal Presents 2020 New Year Eve Party in Pearl Banquet Parsipanny NJ Tue, Dec 31, 8:00 pm Utsav International Present New Year Eve Party in Hotel Executive Suites, Carteret New Jersey

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