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Topics that are planned and will be hosted live on FB . Go to link

More topics that are planned and will be hosted live on FB . Go to link

  1. How to do virtual marketing for your business using your own domain vanity domains ? Example or
  2. 2nd Affiliate marketing as how to make money virtually while sleeping
  3. 3rd How real estate can help you give 10% or more returns
  4. 4th Product thats available in market that’s give guaranteed IRS approved 8% returns.
  5. How to use Whatsapp for your biz?
  6. How you can buy and trade in stocks for free using your IRA money?
  7. How you can make interactive videos FREE using Apple free app??
  8. Whats difference between long term care and short term care? and why long term care important especially in today’s’ time and what options to get it almost at no/low cost??
  9. Whats difference between Life insurance provided by Corporations to there employees v/s self insurance?
  10. Why college planning important or if its really important??
  11. Why its a bad idea to keep all eggs in one bucket?
  12. Medical insurance options if you don’t have medical insurance
  13. How you can stay in any 5 star hotels for virtually FREE
  14. Any codes/discounts or other viable options available that can help anyone

Please ping me at or ping me here on topics you want so I Can plan and do webinars.

Or Bookmark this zoom link.


for booking

All meetings will be hosted at this page between 1-2 -pm daily and topic could be any

so anyone of you interested to know how we can leverage and invite you for more workshops then pls ping me.
Thanks everyone.

Live presentation for today..

Live open house for 716 pershing ave , middlesex boro

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Helpful tips to work from Home or save money and lets stay home and wait till Corona vanish

#CORONA is no joke. I am not moving out and so request you. I love my family and doing every bit of protection. May be I am over cautions but I better do now than sorry later. Medical expense is lot expensive and worst part, If anyone gets corona then you can’t meet, hug. People who died due to Corona, do final journey in isolation. Nothing can be worse then this.

Be Ready, and stock small items that have no expiry. I am doing it and so beg you. Don’t over do but do what you can do. This kind of epidemic comes once in 100 years and unfortunately we got hit now.

I beg everyone to please listen to this message in it’s entirety from Dr. Ari Greenwald, a front line ER doctor in Toronto and also the Medical Director for Hatzoloh Toronto. PLEASE PASS ON TO ALL!!


  1. | I love getting Cash Back and think you will too! Join for free and get $10 when you spend $25.
  2. Buy Groceries at and get $50 (that’s $25 off your first and second orders) and 60 days free delivery or Pick-up.
  3. Get a $10 Gift Card to your favorite store! | Get a $10 Gift Card to your favorite store! Love Honey? Refer 2 friends to get $10 in Honey Gold, redeemable for gift cards at some of the most popular stores.
  4. Dont waste money on Toilet Paper. Instead use Bidet. Buy yours at Amazon. 
  5. WalMART 2 day free shipping coupon.. Don’t go .. Again steam kill corona virus before piking boxes..FREE 2-Day Shipping when you spend $35+ at!
  6. WIFi Thermostat deals for pseg customers | WIFi Thermostat deals for pseg customers. Price is good. Only issue taxes get high.
  7. If you like to try eBay where I found some selling for $30 wifi thermostats then click this link. Only issue, non reputed companies from China and delivery 30-40 days. To learn how to change thermostat yourself, click here


  1. ♥Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle are offering their entire catalogues free till March 31st (Will extend till date you see it when you click this link) to help the kids to cope up with the boring and at times, painful social distancing.Below are the linksAmar Chitra Katha:
    Tinkle: share this information among your friends and relatives who have younger kids who may use the links and enjoy!
  2. Save Up to 80% On Clearance Books! | Save Up to 80% On Clearance Books!
  3. Download old vintage eBooks which include books that your grand parents or parents read like Champak, Lotpot and more
    1. Champak ebook Champak
    2. Chacha Chaudhary ebook Chacha chaudhary
    3. Chacha Chaudhary ebook Chacha Chaudhary 2 
    4. Chacha Chaudhary ebook Chacha Chaudhary 3
    5. Chacha Chaudhary ebook Chacha Chaudhary 4
    6. Nagraj  ebook Nagraj Sango vintage
    7. Khuni Jang ebook Khuni Jang
    8. LotPot ebook LotPot 


  1. ♣The Consulate General of India, NY, USA is giving away free subscription of ShemarooMe to encourage people to stay home and follow Social Distancing. Please visit to activate your subscription
  2. IF you want to watch Indian Tv then you may want to watch, you get $5 off on $50 (one year subscription) when you use code anil20. gives me $5 for every purchase after one month. I will give this back to you. Just let me know please by clicking info at this link . I will send you $5 after month but if you want sooner, then please help me by posting feedback at and will send $10 instead of $5 same day.
  3. Need eye lens than Save 70%..Acuvue | Save 70%..Acuvue
  4. Old Hindi Movies
  5. USA opened all TV channels, the encrypted American TV for FREE for yr home lockdown use & viewing.On top left hand corner, there is pulldown menu. Go try it out. Enjoy……👌👍😃💪

    Stay Home and follow the TV Channels.


  1.  Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess
  2.  Neil Dedrasee Teaches Scientific Thinking and communication Neil deDrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication
  3. Phil Ivey Teaches Pocker Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy
  4. UDEMY eCourses -You will love them.. Before Corona go, finish them all and you will be winner.. I gurantee ..48-Hour Flash Sale! Courses from just $10.99


  1. Don’t give up, find global jobs from 100’s of sites by one click at
  2.  Get Insurance Adjuster Licence Get Your Insurance Adjuster License Exam! Find your state now
  3. Work from home. Make Money by doing small assignments in your privacy. This really works and make you money..Fiverr 
  4. IT AND SOFTWARE SKILLS COURSES – IT and Software Skills
  5. Agent CAMPUS REAL ESTATE COURSES Save 25% On Real Estate Post License and SAE Categories at 360 Training! Use code 03RE01PL25


  1. Worried about your PET due to Corona then Never worry about your pet’s health care again Save big on your pet’s medical costs. Get reimbursed for your pet’s illness, injury, and wellness expenses!


  1. Buy Gold GMRGold Buy Gold at market rate
  2. Buy Gold Coins Golden Eagle Coins seller at market price
  3. Buy Silver Silver Bullion Seller at wholesale rate
  4. Want to buy Stocks then use this link and get free stocks when you refer your friends


  1.  Dont want to go for testing then check. You don’t need this but just in case..Home drug test options


  1. Buy Vest, pellet guns, or protection gear or Guns. For Guns, you need licence or website won’t deliver your home.Be careful and only buy to intimidate or self protection.Clearance Deals at Sportsman’s Guide
  2. 6 Pepper Spray for your defense | Pepper Spray KeychaiN
  3. WEAR MASK.. mask if anyone needs then . also try to wear mask that don’t touch your nose

  4. Learn how to make mask at home using socks , with no stitch and simple cut.


  1. Coupon Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Finest Nutrition vitamins at & supplements + Free Shipping, No Minimum
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  3. Piping Rock Coupon Buy Immune Proven products at Piping Rock. I bought almost all of my immunity and vitamins from there and its lowest price.
  4.  Respiratory Related ITEMS Most websites are sold out but this website is still active and giving at discount. Buy Respiratory related items today at Respiratory Store 


  1. Get life insurance today. Its penny to dollar and you will be glad you have it. Imagine Canada Premier Wife in ICU when she and him, both knew that Corona coming. You and me, both in front life and bread earner for our family. Don’t get term insurance. Get life as avg age is 80+ and term stops at 70. Call me at 732-877-8585 and will give what I learnt. You don’t pay me anything.
  2. Find Affordable Health Insurance Find Affordable Health Insurance Today


  2. ⇒⇒⇒⇒Need Plasma donations or want to donate then click this link  Plasma Donations from Recovered COVID-19 Patient


  1. The Division of Consumer Affairs has set up a voicemail box for price gouging complaints related to coronavirus, which can be reach at 973-504-6240. Complaints can also be filled out on the division’s website.

Work from home jobs

  1. Take surveys. Get PAID. | Take surveys. Get PAID. Be an influencer. Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services.
  2. Getting bored at home. Cultivate hobby to grow Bonsai tree at home and sell it further. You can see how and what price these trees sell. After your learnt art of growing Bonsai, buy seeds at and sell. Bonsai seeds sell for $2 or more but trees sell from $30 to $30000
  3. Join Real Estate. I guarantee you, your success. . You need to get Real Estate licence and do open house for me every week. You will get leads from open house. You will represent yourself as buyer agent and thus make 2% or more commission. IF property listed for $300k, your income in first deal expected to be $6000 (You get 80% split via my broker so approx $4000 or more). Learn more about joining real estate at
  4. Watch this live seminar about affiliate marketing. You can make $50~$100 per day for effort you do once. Ask me if any questions at
  5. Join Insurance Industry. When I got laid off 5th time in 2017, I saw movie yesman and it changed my life. There is a product that gives growth , protection, safety and tax benefits. Also can be used to make income if you become certified sales person for this. This product is #1 hot selling product presently. I sell it and sold many. Your income approx 40% which comes to $5000 or more. To earn this income you need Life Producer licencee (Let me know and I will pay for your licence), and then you can refer clients and make money from your privacy of home.Ask me if any questions at

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Hot Chilies Entertainment Rajni Chatta and Vylla Home Anil Aggarwal Presents 2020 New Year Eve Party in Pearl Banquet Parsipanny NJ Tue, Dec 31, 8:00 pm Utsav International Present New Year Eve Party in Hotel Executive Suites, Carteret New Jersey

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Hot Chilies Entertainment Rajni Chatta and Vylla Home Anil Aggarwal Presents 2020 New Year Eve Party in Pearl Banquet Parsipanny NJ

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Vylla Home NJ Anil Aggarwal Team participated in Community cultural Diwali programme organized by Sai Entertainment

Diwali Mela NJ 2019 Organized by Sai Entertainment NJ , Mr Bitto, with support provided by Musik Waves Mr Azim. More than 300 people registered and inspite of heavy rain, some 200+ people came. 30 vendors put up there stalls.

Anil Aggarwal Realtor took stage till 3, and gave away silver dimes to participants who gave right and correct answer to his questions. Further Mass Mutual Insurance Geek, Mr Anil Sharma sang beautiful song

Malaika Faisal singer took stage at 3pm and mesmerizes audiance by her beautiful singing .. follow her at


Vylla Home Nj Team of mine, with Basant Pal, Hanuman Rachoor, Safiyaa Khan Invite you all to #Diwalinj Festival event Organised by Sunny Ranyal.Happy to give Silver #MercuryDime as Gifts ever hour to lucky winner. Win Free Vylla Totes as well.
IF you selling home, ask me why use Realtor or check details at
If you looking for Realtor, check best at
#RealEstate is only option which you can feel, enjoy, live and it appreciate in value, while you can claim #depreciation with many tax advantages and presently rates are ultra low . Check whats properties available at
Why i am giving away Silver Dimes? These are US minted silver cute #silverdimes between 1916 to 1945. Value of these grown in years from 10 cents between $10 dollars to $10000 . Idea is to endorse in power of investment in right options So come to Diwali festival Sunday between 12-7pm and meet me or my team member there. If anyone seeking to join Real estate then please visit . Call 732-877-8585

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433 Columbia Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 for sale

this is neat clean home close to cliffside park.

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Right in NJ,Join Explore Luxury investment and living opportunity in Dubai

Why Invest In Dubai?

1. Dubai is a popular tourism destination with fabulous landmarks and entertainment attractions to see and experience.

2. Property prices in Dubai are cheaper when compared to other major cities around the world.

3. Setting up a business in Dubai is very easy, there are various free zones offering world class infrastructure.

4. Dubai is a trading and business hub for the Middle East. Dubai’s strategic location between East and West makes it a gateway to connect with emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

5. Dubai boasts a thriving economy which is diversified in trading, manufacturing and tourism and is not dependent wholly on oil.

6. Dubai has a very low crime rate which makes it one of the safest places to live on earth.

7. UAE has a liberal policy encouraging foreign individuals and companies to invest and take part in the mutual growth process.

8. Dubai has a state of the art road and train infrastructure and continues to develop further which ensures accelerated growth.

9. Dubai International airport retained its title as the world’s number one airport for international passengers in 2016.

10. Dubai is hosting the EXPO 2020 and is expected to attract 25 million visits, 70 per cent of which will be from overseas.

11. Dubai has a sunny weather round the year with 365 days of sunshine.

12. The hospitality industry is booming and expected to remain so.

13. Dubai offers excellent rental returns from property.

14. The UAE has liberal labour policies that makes it is easy to recruit manpower from almost any part of the world.

15. There is no annual property tax in Dubai.

16. Developers in Dubai offer attractive payment plans on off-plan property.

17 .The UAE has been ranked as the Middle East and North Africa’s top residence-by-investment program for the third consecutive year.

18. The UAE has a consistently growing population.

19. UAE offers a residence visa to freehold property owners.

20. Dubai offers a variety of real estate options for different budgets.

21. Dubai real estate offers a good capital appreciation.

22. Dubai, home to 200 nationalities, is one of the most globally diverse places to live and work in.

23. Dubai overtook London as the most preferred property investment location for 2017.

24. Dubai is home to most of the world’s leading companies like Microsoft and Oracle.

25. Ministry of Happiness. The role of the ministry is to improve channel policies and plans to achieve a happier society.

26. Many internationally renowned universities have campuses located in Dubai.

27. The UAE is also known for its world-class entertainment, luxurious leisure facilities.

28. Dubai has emerged as a Forex and Derivatives hub through the initiatives of the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange.

29. Protection of intellectual property rights.

30. Dubai has competitive energy costs.

31. Dubai offers a choice to partner with local business people and explore different markets inside the UAE and the other GCC countries.

32. No corporate tax. (This is the most liked reason for the query “Why Invest in Dubai”)

33. There are specialized free zones covering a wide range of industries from logistics to media and IT.

34. The construction quality and architectural standard are excellent.

35. Financing of the real estate investment is available, with local and international banks.

36. Dubai is easily accessible, having direct flights from all the major cities in the world.

37. No restrictions on repatriation of funds. One of the best reasons to invest here.

38. Dubai is ranked among world’s top 5 hottest shopping destinations.

39. No language barrier: English is an important language of communication in Dubai while many other languages are widely spoken.

40. Dubai has organized and efficient real estate laws.

41. Dubai has one of the most efficient and well equipped sea ports in the world.

42. With a number of Theme Parks Dubai is becoming the most exciting adventure playground in the world.

43. Dubai is becoming a financial services hub, there is going to be an increase in the influx of foreign professionals.

44. Dubai offers unique entertainment options. Desert safaris, luxurious spas, beaches, yacht rentals, skydiving and water parks. You can never have enough of it.

45. The introduction of VAT has boosted government revenues that will be spent on infrastructure projects.

46. The recently announced long term investor visa has set a new wave of excitement among investors to go full throttle and plan for long term.

47. The 100% business ownership policy that was announced this year will allow large businesses to accelerate growth and integrate with global markets for long term growth.

Now that we have answered your question “Why Invest in Dubai” and have listed enough reasons to invest in Dubai, you can give us a call on Call

join to learn more about Dubai Real estate-via Realtor Anil AGgarwal

join to learn more about Dubai Real estate-via Realtor Anil AGgarwal

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