Donate Please donate now.. doctors nurses and all who are working need help


Hi, If you like to help then buy items and send directly to doctor office or location where someone can get benefit out of these.
To find charities that I liked , to donate, please click this link

I personally donated to these three charities. You can pick yours.
I bought $60 worth of merchandise on Amazon and same I donated myself.


    1. CouponĀ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Finest Nutrition vitamins at & supplements + Free Shipping, No Minimum
    2. IHerb CouponĀ Get 10% on iHerb Exclusives: GEX9988 attached | Get 10% on iHerb Exclusives: Some sample items for just $1 so easy and cheap but can help someone in need.
    3. Piping Rock Coupon Buy Immune Proven products atĀ Piping Rock. I bought almost all of my immunity and vitamins from there and its lowest price. These herbal items might be good for someone you know.
    4. Ā Respiratory Related ITEMS Most websites are sold out but this website is still active and giving at discount.Ā Buy Respiratory related items today at Respiratory StoreĀ 
    5. Support anyone who you think need respiratory products. This website selling items at discount and still have them in stock.Discount Medical Supplies by Doctors… for Patients, and General Public. Buy Respiratory supplies at a discount price. Shop Now at!
    6. And yes, buy mask/Soaps/and napkins at amazon.Ā
    7. Just saw video of ladies fighting for tissue paper. Not sure why people waste money for paper. Use Bidet and save paper , money and be healthy..Ā
    8. I strongly feel that Corono virus will vanish as it came. India has many gods so we need one god for this and this god should remove this corona asap. There are 5 companies that are working day /night to make drugs. If anyone interested, thenĀ click here to learn
    9. Need home warrenty for home repair then $50 on me.Please click this link Extend the Life of Your Major Systems and Appliances. AC, Heating, Water Heater, Kitchen & Laundry Appliance and So Much More!

TheĀ Division of Consumer AffairsĀ has set up a voicemail box for price gouging complaints related to coronavirus, which can be reach at 973-504-6240. Complaints can also beĀ filled out on the divisionā€™s website.

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