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With the upturn in the national economy, families, couples and individuals all over the United States are looking to buy a new home. For some people this will be the first house, condominium or property that they have ever purchased. Many other people are selling the house they now own, to look for a place that fits their current lifestyle.

What is a β€œREO”

Bank Owned Properties are talked about as REO. The initials REO stands for β€œreal estate owned” or properties now owned by the bank, not their original owners. For this reason, working with a List of Local Bank Owned Homes is one way for future home owners to save money and find incredible deals.


When we talk about Bank Owned Homes, home buyers should be aware of the various stages in which they can purchase foreclosed properties. Home buyers looking to invest in real estate can make their purchase before the official foreclosure auction takes place. Purchases of Bank Owned Properties at this time are said to be in β€œphase one.”

The second phrase where anyone can purchase Bank Owned Homes is at a public foreclosure auction itself. Prior to auction time, a List of Local Bank Owned Homes is available to all interested parties. This gives anyone wishing to bid a chance to check out these Bank Owned Properties, at least from their exteriors.

Finally, there are Bank Owned Homes for sale from the bank itself. Bank Owned Properties that are not sold during a real estate auction are available directly through the bank that owns them. A List of Local Bank Owned Homes is available, so buyers can inquire as to their price and arrange for a possible tour.






Why a List of Local Bank Owned Homes is important

A List of Local Bank Owned Homes is publicized because the majority of banking companies want to negotiate with buyers to rid themselves of these properties. An overabundance of Bank Owned Properties is great news for home buyers, but represents a loss factor for banks. Bank Owned Homes were originally owned by individuals who received loans from their financial reserves. There is great incentive in working with potential buyers to get these Bank Owned Homes sold as soon as possible.

There are many benefits for prospective buyers

Anyone looking to purchase a foreclosed home is likely to find a variety of advantages arising from this situation. Making a purchase of REO property directly from a bank or lending institution does not expose buyers to a great deal of risk. The sales process is not complicated, generally lacks competition and buyers can be sure of just whom they are purchasing a piece of property from.

Title and Liens:Β Most liens are removed after a foreclosure property sale, but certain liens may remain .
Here are some examples:
  • Any lien recorded on title prior in time to the foreclosing mortgage.
  • First Mortgage (if the foreclosing mortgage is a second or third mortgage)
  • HOA or COA assessment liens (in certain states)
  • Mechanic’s Liens (in some states)
  • Government liens such as state and federal tax liens, city or county liens, US Government liens.
  • IRS liens (IRS may buy the property within 120 days after sale at the price paid at foreclosure sale)
  • Code Enforcement Liens, Environmental Liens, and Utility Liens
  • Child Support Liens
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